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tv   News  RT  June 18, 2018 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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extra layer from what we've heard from patrick and from mark is that trump is determined to undo everything barack obama did ok everything well you know a strange way yes and interestingly not understanding actually at all the terrible things that barack obama did suddenly summed it up wonderful you know recently he said that it was thanks to obama that crania became russian he obviously meant that obama was we are soft no he looked at me and my around us supported the coup in ukraine without which would never never have gone back to russia people would never be pushed to vote for that referendum for going back to russia so just you know unintentionally trump told the truth and if we compare trump and the so-called liberals in the us administration trump is more peaceful let me give you. the only real careful there is wrong on right here you've
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got twenty seconds to explain that this is just. the headline from the nation the media response to a meeting with trump betrays a cynical attitude to south korea's security basically the media response was tromp made concessions he gave up all the exercises he's betrayed the united all i would say here's the very surprised to defend him that's part of our to the deal gentlemen i'm going to jump in here we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion and some real news stay with r.t. .
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a phone you know. what was the last digit you went on the internet no i am not using these village is it safe to say. are you sure there is no music ters there and that all the navy should do the baby does a class of his that if that. person were gone and we thought is dead as a model that was a good piece. of work i was. previously. being false form in where he was filmed member of the society. have.
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kaiser's financial survival. when customers go by you are just. well reduced. that's undercutting what's good for the market is not good for the global economy. welcome back to crossfire all things considered i'm peter were discussing some real news. ok gentlemen let's change gears go back to patrick in plymouth there is whispers in talking rumors that we could possibly see a trump summit one on one in europe surrounding the meeting the annual meeting of
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the nato alliance here should the two meet patrick go. well. received logic would say no that would be the equivalent of an apocalypse for the resistance in the united states there could short circuit c.n.n. . and there would be a mass trauma they would need to. match the al you rachel maddow start being paid a half a million dollars per program ok go ahead you go. i don't do that but i think on suicide more and spring the trap is is the advice i would give to the president because he's going off of a well if we're successful meeting with kim jong un in singapore and with his present there are no risks really internationally because you know anything he does going to be. attacked and put down by the opposition in the united states and but not but not by the international media so maybe there's an opportunity for this president to maybe in the way that ronald reagan jumped over the media to the
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domestic population in the eighty's that trunk could connect with a portion of the international community globally by doing positive things internationally certainly there's no risk there's a lot of rewards however in terms of legacy in terms of the twenty twenty alexion so is the russia gate burns out and fizzles out people going to be looking at results they're going to be looking deliverables and certainly oh good relations with asian russia's and that's a good point results mark see that's what i have the back of my mind would there be any results other than a photo op you know there was just like there wasn't really any results in north korea other than a photo op i mean. real summits should take place after the details are hashed out by policy wonks compromises are made and then the principals are brought in to sign on this is a photo op and political theater first and a way it's useful because it buys the u.s.
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off while north korea and south korea continue the real work of making large deal of apiece. deal and indeed nuclearization deal what trump signed with kim jong il and it was not anywhere near the deal for denuclearization and fact former u.s. presidents have signed far more detail. deals or you know actual you know legal contracts for denuclearization with north korea and they've all come to naught i mean we have to think that you know george bill clinton george bush sr signed a deal for denuclearization with north korea that bill clinton ripped up and then delinquent but this deal with let's be fair i mean and it makes i don't want to give the impression here this was all the north koreans fault under george bush sr it was congress that was unwilling to fund the deal ok they pulled out from it and
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then you have the axis of evil under under bush jr so you know they failed for multiple reasons and in the end there is evidence there was a lot of good faith also in the north korean popular let's make sure the claim is this works this was not a deal this was an aspirational declaration look at the way in which is this the single promote work or it's right these are not the language this is deals that i want to get back to korea and i want to but i want to ask me here should putin trump meet well i think if they meet the results will be very impressive because i think the momentum has been lost don't you think from want to do just to stick his thumb into the into this is why democrats shouldn't do you know that they that's exactly. what you need to do for trump it's not going to be much more because trump is already surrounded by the people like john bolton like mike pale i just can't imagine any real results coming from such
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a summit i think the time has been lost you know if putin in the beginning. two thousand and seventeen right after he gave all with a sprawling misses during his campaign you know that he would improve relations with russia well he would face tremendous a position from the c.n.n. stand would be like every day but there would be an opportunity to do something now i think that has been the last i can say to put it on check here i want to go back to north korea here i mean i think we all agree i think mark put it perfectly it's aspirational at this point but there is something different here is that donald trump he's now it's all on him it's his ok and he wants to win this ok and perception is everything in his mind here and that's why i tend to think this process has legs probably most importantly is it the us meaning the people surround let the koreans do the hard work and if that if they could do that and
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have some kind of breakthrough something could come about though it's not going to be the one hundred percent that the pump ayos in and the boltons want but it will be what the koreans want and i think that trump could agree to that go ahead patrick absolutely agree with mark on the point about letting south korea north korea get on with the business of what they need to do and certainly. that's one of the things that will definitely come out of this that's kind of an overarching theme is trying to sort of cancel the meeting then you see kim off to beijing you see closer ties and communication between pyongyang and beijing so as you asian powers can get together they can have you know multilateral discussions without the united states mediating on it and i think this is the theme you're going to see all around the world united states is no longer perceived as a kind of honest broker for international speech so people getting on with the business themselves but what's what's really important is that in asia appearances
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mean everything so this image of north and south korea walking over the line holding hands together. both presidents donald trump saluting the north korean general you just opposed that with obama bowing to a saudi king so you know this is a very different sort of bit of optics we're looking at here but it means something to asian people that's what's important and so they they fully expect it don't trump will not remain on any movement forward on these deals so it's a very different kind of expectation you see in europe so asia and europe two totally different cases in terms of how optics is perceived in the public you know you know market me and we have this and we could do a program every week on the impending trade war or the ongoing trade war. what is trump signaling here i mean he is playing a really hard ball when it comes to these this these tariffs issues is that is is
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the signal he sending to everyone around the world is that he's serious he's drawn a line in the sand and we can work on these other things but this is actually kind of a weird global confidence building exercise that he's conducting right now is it as much as it is unpleasant for america's trading partners i mean we've we've got headlines in. here we've got foreign policy the west will die so that trump can win vitamin steel we've got several apocalyptic anything in the new york times cory shockey from the international institute of strategic studies the trump doctrine is winning and the world is losing trump i think really is trying to get out from underneath his handlers and rip the liberal international order up he sees himself whether it's true or not i don't think so but he sees himself as this incredible deal maker of the art of the deal and he sees the us
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getting the you know the wrong end for four decades now and he wants to rip up and renegotiate the. he wants to rip up nafta completely canada is actually the biggest target of his terrorist poor little poor little through to the little you know the dollar is getting hit with twelve billion dollars write the e.u. another eight billion china only three billion but he's trying to rip this order up and renegotiate a deal that he sees would be in the us as favor and this is why you know his turning away from the traditional us allies canada the e.u. has got you know the deep state in the us petrified even as he reaches out to some would that have traditionally been you know us adversaries worth we're thinking of north korea china of russia and said well i'm a businessman we can do business the transaction. it's transactional it's again the
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ideology you know the way you know the way trump has been treating the europeans it's kind of a can do you know parents having forty year old children still living at home it's time to move on ok so you've got an education you're smart you're wealthy now you have to start and you're not spending anything on that and you're not spending anything on upkeep of the house ok at least a house you're living in so it's time to move out and get on with your lives there was a very good argument in the guardian surprising surprising. treatment of not that. you know the canadians view enough to see it as if it is forever you know and trump insist it should be expiring in five years and then new terms should be negotiated that was by george monbiot not going to last trump donald trump was right the rest of the g seven was wrong and that's in the guardian so something is really changing in the world right now i think stuff for the court in the in the foreign affairs if
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you published an article called the realist world when he went. he admits that most of the people in the united states the so-called provincials have been left out you know globalization has been in reach in big companies big urban centers well the fact that china had the same problem no big chinese companies were more eager to invest in africa or in latin america than in mainland china so basically he's not that meeting the fact that this was all about. capitalism and just destroying sometimes so i thought of it so i kind of you talk about democracy demon but marx may have been a mistake marx and just was mistaken in the past have no law that when i think workers have a model and capital has capital just moves their own i. agree on that last word mark before we go to the yeah this the big thing is this the pundits were furious with donald trump for sitting down they were furious for some reason that the
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american flag was flown next to the north koreans like trump is meeting with a brutal dictator u.s. leaders meet with brutal day tears although you don't have a problem with obama and hillary clinton with mohamed bin solvent in the saudi flag so what's the deal here it's pure partisanship it's political theater the ones that were really didn't in all of this where the south koreans they were treated like children in all of this and the argument was all trumpets is abrogating our security guarantees to south korea south koreans don't want that moon julian is in support of this meeting with trump and and he was generously rewarded in the election day after eighty one percent of the south koreans supported this summit ok eighty eight percent support of the gentleman this is the end of our broadcast version many thanks and i guess here in moscow and implement this is the end of our broadcast segments stay with us for the extended version on our you tube channel see you next time and remember.
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when a loved one is murder it's natural to seek the death penalty for the murder i would prefer and it means to win the death penalty just because i think that's the fair thing the right thing research shows that for every nine executions one convict just found innocent the idea that we were executing innocent people was terrifying who's just moved to the present and that we're even many of the times families want the death penalty to be abolished the reason we have to keep the death penalty here is because that's what murder victims' families what that's going to give them peace that's going to give them justice and we come in and say. not quite enough we've been through this this isn't the way.
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as he should when you go to war the for something beyond what because a lot of us were. just me about what i mean i was me and nothing. but the fantasy of. the future. in which we. both of. whom i was was. double nothing moves a room. full of. only
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industrious john boehner these images if you say so. when. is it. then. the.
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headlines to international date for the world cup proved to be a shock up with switzerland holding brazil to a draw and mexico defeating the reigning champions germany ultimately sending in. law i. have big day for england with the three lions taking on in volgograd ahead of the match put both teams fans through the test. it's only postponed it's all about
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football i think up but no phone i could see we were going to have a little bit of the game the i think there is this tune is yet to go. sixty eight both five six seven. and other stories are on r.t. international coalition cracks why don't in germany. terry a minister saying he can no longer work with. with the latest a world cup starts on your world's top headlines welcome to the program here on r.t. international. so
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three russian host cities are gearing up for world cup clashes today sunday's games left many fans stunned none more so than fans of germany and brazil joe save money and you and peter schmeichel now breaking down the action in our studio in the heart of. the costa rica school there one male and it was a terrific three think think. think think think think think think some are. mexico with fantastic they face rightly so quickly did i cause too many all sorts of problems they for sure found a way to play against germany. i think it's and.
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i think it's doing is a very fair thing. to score and seven singles. by many people to be a world cup star and in his first game scoring the score but he was exploiting the i mean is that the sense that they did if in this incredibly i mean i've never seen germany play they lacked so much imagination the longer the game went on the more desperate germany became and they were trying to win the ball back and make him play a very very clever in the way he defended chefs he was outside the stadium today on the. caught up with a few of these mexican fans and cycling up the atmosphere saying. jubilant mexicans not only they essentially outnumbered the german fans maybe three to one they were also maybe five times louder in the stadium itself.
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so the atmosphere coming from the mexican fans was absolutely surreal the mexican fans camped out in moscow for the past four or five days very much jubilant some of that was climbing on top of trucks and dancing and singing also looked like a costume party some brando's wrestling masks different national costumes and all such we've seen them all today here and in abundance as well. thank you i think we should feel sorry for one german fans who didn't change the sea off the civil boarding a plane and flying it's a rush to russia instead he travels two thousand kilometers all the way from student. film you spend the money on the road arriving in perfect time for the match the comedy prize dog only to see the scene lose to mexico and what we have to say was a very very disappointing to him in performance here's
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a look at who's doing. well thank you. thank. you i'm seventy years old my track series used to transport would be too easy to do and nothing to do with the country. let me show you three are very expensive on the roofs of buildings. is it fooling me taking a voice against this is such as. if you.
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really feel sorry for this family so if you are in a hostile you see a guy and attractive you know stuff and give him a ha i think you do so if. it's from fidel sensual because the thing i got brazil off to right start and miss a terrific strike from him say he's a strike then we saying the middle man quite often isn't it i'm just focused on this one jason. he was thank you for you. is the show and these. think you have more. useful piece of plastic shots and impossible for form of casual to go for it. i don't think is a drama for these big teams not to win the first match when i was in jena doesn't do in spain doesn't mean portugal doesn't win. well fed chairman in brazil
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doesn't mean i don't think it's a dilemma for them as saying they all know. i think they all know they're going to and it's probably good for them to put their feet on the ground and these probably all should for the. for their country and also to keep to keep calm but obviously big football nations lots of expectations critics will come. up my profile of. pundits but the profile that. the. group comes along immediately. saying they all will qualify and the rest of the system seems to me to. have switzerland's us pressure. they don't have but the work people will slowly shout of was fantastic let me feel this as we predict it will slowly some of the far. better than the some
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in the future and in football is possible that these teams. can beat. six of primes possible you know ten times it's possible to get three draws. and this is a beautiful let's see how the swiss fans are doing and rushed up. as in red are absolutely psyched and they're telling me that this draw is like a victory for them. already lost my voice we had a really good game this like it winning the championship already so. there will have to be a break in some in rostov brazilian fans are telling me that they don't understand how they weren't able to defeat switzerland in the first game of the world cup
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match was very very bad friends you didn't play very hour in the second half growth for all switzerland was not. was not allowed a and now we have to wake up but after what i saw earlier on sunday i'm sure that the fans of chief. will get back to party mode very quickly. because. we're in rostov on don so. southern russia but i'll tell you why today this place feels more like the copacabana beach in rio perhaps but as soon as that good piano does it feel like rush hour more like brazil this is more like brazil i know but these wonderful time wonderful people we love to be here in russia showed that's good have fun does it feel like russia or brazil here now that's totally
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brazil here maybe it's warm everyone having a good time some it's brazil in russia right now. by the us years now both sounded a lot like this. pretty box over the place. well finally i can see that at this point fans are trying to catch up as well have a log. house here in rostov on don how are you feeling here it's very nice and the people very nice to us here us like a family their football family you know we're focused family. of them. on. this it good one.

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